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Thermal Sensor Settings

Open the Thermal Image Settings dialog to configure a thermal sensor module.

Description of Parameters

Color Palette Sets the color palette that is used to show the different temperatures in the thermographic image.
Show Color Palette Displays the current color palette at the bottom of the image. The leftmost color of the palette corresponds to the lowest, the rightmost color to the highest temperature in the image.
Value Range Sets the value range of the displayed temperatures, i.e., the range between the lowest and the highest temperature that is to be displayed. A small value range results in noticeably higher sensitivity (i.e., the smallest difference in temperature that can be shown) compared to a large value range.
Automatic Adjustment Automatically determines the minimum and maximum temperature values for color mapping. Deactivate automatic adjustment if you want to set custom limits.
Allow Immediate Updates Activates immediate updates of the minimum and maximum temperature values in the color palette if the temperatures of the scene changes drastically. Deactivate immediate updates to get a continuously adapted color palette even when temperatures changes are large.
Update Speed Sets the speed with which the minimum and maximum temperature values in the color palette are adjusted to the changes in temperature of the scene.
Level of Detail Controls the contrast amplification of a thermal image. This is especially useful when there are only little differences in temperature in the image; selecting Medium or High will enhance contrasts, thus showing noticeably more image details.
High Uses high contrast amplification of a thermal image. May increase image noise in scenes with a only little differences in temperature.
Medium Uses medium contrast amplification of a thermal image.
Low Uses low contrast amplification of a thermal image.
Temperature Control Mode

Full Image Area: All pixels of the full image or the defined temperature control windows are used to determine the current thermal range.

Visible Image Area: Only the pixels of the visible image section are used to determine the current thermal range.

Temperature Windows

Temperature control windows are defined image areas that are used for automatic adjustments. To facilitate the positioning of temperature control windows, you can select from a number of pre-defined windows.


  • All temperature control windows refer to the full image (i.e., the entire image sensor).
  • If the camera image has been mirrored or rotated, the positioning of the predefined windows and the coordinate system of the custom windows changes accordingly.
  • If your camera is a dual lens model, you can define different temperature control windows for each lens.
Show Windows

On: Displays the defined measurement window(s) with green frames in the image. Exclusion windows are shown with a red frame.
The Histogram option shows additional parameters of specific image processing features in the image.

Storing the Configuration

Click on the Set button to activate your settings and to save them until the next reboot of the camera.

Click on the Factory button to load the factory defaults for this dialog (this button may not be present in all dialogs).

Click on the Restore button to undo your most recent changes that have not been stored in the camera permanently.

Click on the Close button to close the dialog. While closing the dialog, the system checks the entire configuration for changes. If changes are detected, you will be asked if you would like to store the entire configuration permanently.

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